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Czech knowledge:
Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic. Czech and Polish, Slovak, Sorbian, etc. belong to the Slavic language Slavic branch. Czech is a very difficult language to learn. Because according to statistics, there are more than 200 forms in Czech. These different forms make the words in the sentence freely combinable, which is the characteristic of Czech; but at the same time, the freedom of the language also causes difficulties for scholars of these languages. Another reason why Czech is difficult to learn is that there are many unique pronunciations in Czech. For beginners, it is very difficult to master the complex and flexible pronunciation of Czech.In the 5th century, the Czech language was initially formed, but at the time there was no text in Czech, just verbal communication. In the 14th century, Czech became a true literary language, and began to write in history, philosophy, law and literature written in Czech. Modern Czech is written in 26 Latin letters.
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