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Greek knowledge:
Greek is the official language of Greece and is widely used in Greece, Albania, Cyprus and other parts of Turkey. Ancient Greek has 26 letters, which gradually evolved into 24 letters and have been used in modern Greek. Because the Greek writing instrument is a wax board, sometimes the previous line is written from right to left. After writing a line, it is written from left to right, and then gradually evolves into a standard specification written from left to right.In the development of Western civilization, Greek is of the utmost importance, and many people regard it as the most effective and clear language.Because the Greek structure is clear, the meaning is accurate, and the language is wonderful.So both rigorous thinkers and romantic poets love to use Greek. Modern Greek began to form in the ninth century and became the official language of the Greek kingdom in the nineteenth century. There are about 10 million people who use Greek now, including more than half a million people on the island of Cyprus.
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