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Hindi knowledge:
Hindi is one of the most popular languages in India. According to the number of countries used, Hindi is the eighth-ranked language in the world. It became the official language of the Central Government of India on January 26, 1965(another official language is English). Hindi and Urdu are very similar. The main difference is that the former uses the Tiancheng Wen alphabet, the latter uses the Arabic alphabet, the former introduces a little more Sanskrit, and the latter is influenced by Arabic and Persian. In India, about 422 million people use Hindi as their native language, and the rest use Hindi as a second language. Most of Bollywood's movies were taken in Hindi. The number of people using Hindi in countries other than India is: United States: 100,000; Mauritius: 685,170; South Africa: 890,292; Yemen: 232,760; Uganda: 147,000; Singapore: 5,000; New Zealand: 20,000; Germany: 30,000.
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