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Hungarian knowledge:
Hungarian is the official language of the Hungarian state, with a population of more than 14 million, of which 9 million are in Hungary, and the remaining 4 million are scattered in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, Austria and other countries. There are 8 dialects in Hungarian, and there is little difference between the dialects. Hungarian has a rich foreign vocabulary, and a large number of foreign words have become an important feature of Hungarian. The poems written in Hungarian language are beautiful, simple and clear, and are as beautiful as Greek and Latin poetry, so Hungarian is considered to be one of the most vivid and beautiful languages in the world. In the 150 years under Turk rule, Turkish has had a great influence on Hungarian, and Hungarian has absorbed more than 800 common words from Turkish. Since the 19th century, Hungary has been ruled by Austria for a long time. During this period, German influenced Hungarian. Since then, Hungarian is very similar with Turkish, Slavonic and German.
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