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Japanese knowledge:
Japanese is the official language of Japan, and the number of Japanese speakers is 128,204,860. Japanese is ranked ninth in the world according to the number of users.Almost all Japanese nationals who have grown up in Japan are native speakers of Japanese.In ancient times, a large number of ancient Chinese vocabulary was introduced into Japan, so modern Japanese was greatly influenced by ancient Chinese. But in modern times, Japan studied Western culture, and a large number of European and American vocabulary was introduced to Japan (mainly in English, but also in some German and French). In 1964, Japan conducted a survey of 90 magazines. The results showed that Chinese accounted for 47.5% of modern Japanese and Western language accounted for nearly 10%.Japanese people like to use honorifics (けいご) to show respect for others.Depending on the social status of the interviewee, the level, the age, the gender, etc., the sentences of the same meaning can have more than 20 expressions.
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