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Khmer knowledge:
Khmer is the language of the Khmer, and Khmer is also known as the Cambodian language. It is the official language of Cambodia and belongs to the South Asian language family. In Cambodia, about 90% of the population (about 12 million people) use Khmer, and there are about 2 million users in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The earliest literature traces back to the 5th century. The modern Khmer standard pronunciation is based on the Phnom Penh dialect. It has no tones and has 20 consonants, 8 short vowels, 10 long vowels and 13 composite vowels.Different dialects have different vowels and consonants.The Khmer language originally originated from southern India. After the founding of Cambodia in the 1st century AD, it was transformed on the basis of the variant of the ancient Indian Brahmi alphabet.
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