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Polish knowledge:
Polish (Polski) is the language of the Poles. The population is about 48 million, of which about 38 million are in Poland and about 10 million are in foreign countries. In the early days of Poland, Latin and Czech languages were officially produced. In the fourteenth century, written texts were officially produced. The Polish language used 32 letters. The standard language was formed in the sixteenth century. The basic dialects of Polish are diverse. Polish has been deeply influenced by the process of contact with foreign languages, such as early Latin, Czech, French, German, Italian, Russian. In recent years, it has been strongly influenced by English, especially American English. Since 1945, due to education and population migration, although some regions still insist on using standard Polish, it is an undeniable fact that Polish has been gradually assimilated. In the east and north, Poles in other regions are constantly moving in. The older people of these immigrants often have the characteristics of the eastern region.
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